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Governer Rtn Sattish Singhal

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

It is my pleasure to share with you all some of my ideas and random thoughts about Rotary.

You all are aware that we have almost put Polio behind us due to World Wide Awareness spread diligently by Rotarians.

This has provided us an opportunity to rise to new challenges and look at New Horizons, We are now concentrating on other problems facing our communities such as TB eradication, Cancer Awareness, hygiene and water in School (WinS) amongst others. We have addressed these issues and have done a remarkable job in the years gone by. We need to do more in these areas and with your cooperation, we are going to address these issues more aggressively this year.

Ian Riseley, our Rotary International President has given us this beautiful Theme “Rotary: Making a Difference”. The theme inspires all Rotarians beyond imagination. Friends, I am sure that by working and focusing on major priorities of RI strategic plan such as supporting and strengthing the clubs, focusing on and increasing Humanitarian services, enhancing Rotary’s Public Image, spreading awareness and protecting the environment, we can make a significant difference at all levels and justify the theme.