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1. Implement Strategic Plan at the district level & ensure that at least 50% clubs in the district implement it.

2. Encourage clubs to have at least 75% of their members registered in “My Rotary” at Rotary.org.

3. Encourage clubs to set at least 10 goals in Rotary Club Central.

4.Ensure every club posts at least one initiative on “Rotary Showcase” at Rotary.org to share its good work locally and globally.

5. Encourage clubs to ensure its club members participate in Discussion Groups on My Rotary.

6. Encourage clubs to qualify for the RI Presidential Citation.

7. Encourage clubs to participate in district meets & seminars.

8. Encourage effective club communication (preferably online) and sharing of Rotary information with club members and beyond.

9.Encourage use of social media platform viz., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. for wider reach, promotion.

10. Ensure that at least 75% clubs use at least one social media tool.

11. Encourage clubs publish a regular newsletter in print and/or e-newsletter.

12. Encourage clubs in the district to have a club website.

13. Encourage clubs to register for District Mobile App to connect effectively with club members and beyond.

14. Encourage clubs to publish a club brochure on its history and activities.

15. Every clubs to celebrate Rotary Day highlighting club's efforts in service initiative.


1. Ensure that no club in the district has less than 20 active members.

2. Ensure that at least 80% clubs achieve minimum 90% membership retention.

3. Ensure a net increase of 10% in membership, including at least 75 women, 5 Rotary alumni and 25 Rotractors.

4. Ensure a net increase of 10% in number of clubs by organizing new clubs in unrepresented areas with focus on new generation & women members.

5. Merge small weak and non-functional clubs.


1. Organize Leadership Seminars, focussing on developing leadership at the club and district levels.

2. Encourage clubs to give every member a position in the club board or club committee, subcommittee or project initiative for their involvement & leadership development.


1. Organize a grant management seminar and have at least two member from every club attend the seminar and report in Rotary Club Central.

2. Ensure that at least 85% Rotarians in the district contribute to the Foundation

3. Encourage every club to support EREY program of the Foundation.

4. Ensure that every club contributes at least one member to the Paul Harris Society.

5. Encourage clubs to participate in Global Grants projects in six areas of focus.

6. Encourage formation of Major Donor Society

7. Encourage addition of atleast one Rotarian to Arch Klumph Society.

8. Encourage participation in District Grant Projects for Teach program.

9. Raise a total contribution of at least USD 11,00,000 under different program funds

10. At least USD 6,00,000 under the Annual Fund

11. At least USD 4,50,000 under the Permanent/Major Term Gift Fund

12. At least USD 50,000 towards Polio Plus Fund

13. Promote Rotary Peace Fellowships by publicizing Rotary Peace Centres and encouraging clubs to sponsors applications for peace fellowships

14. Undertake at least one major TRF fund raising event during the year


1. Encourage all Rotarians in the district to display “The Four Way Test” at their work place.

2. Encourage clubs to put up “Four Way Test” billboards in schools, institutions, community and public areas.

3. Encourage clubs to start career counselling for youth and/ or vocational training programmes for semi-skilled workers.

4. Organize an Intercity Meet to help promote high ethical standards in businesses and professions.

5. Motivate clubs to organize functions to honor outstanding vocational achievers in their community.


1. Organize at least 2 International Friendship Exchanges.

2. Encourage clubs to sponsor and host Friendship Exchange Team members.

3. Promote 2017-18 RI Convention (24 - 27 June,2018) at Toronto, Canada.


1. Every Rotaract or Interact club to be certied with Rotary International

2. Encourage all clubs to sponsor youth for DILA and RYLA.

3. Sponsor at least 10 Rotaract and 50 Interact clubs.

4. Undertake at least one International Youth Exchange Programmes.

5. Encourage clubs to sponsor and/or host a Youth Exchange Student.

6. Encourage Rotaractors and Interactors to attend the multi-district RYLA.

7. Encourage clubs for mentoring of Rotaractors and/or Interactors by their club members.


1. Every club to participate in NIDs/SNIDs at their designated locations.

2. Encourage clubs to participate in TEACH program of Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) and undertake at least one of its five projects to ensure that:

3. 1000 children are provided with supplemental teaching in school.

4. Encourage 50 Rotary Paathshala in RCC.

5. 100 teachers are recognized with Nation Builder Award.

6. 25 E-Learning Centres are set up.

7. 250 schools to be provided with Supplemental Teaching.

8. 150 teachers are trained in use of E- Learning software & hardware

9. 25 E LEARNING centres are set up.

10. 10000 adults are made literate in District.

11. 40 school to be engaged in DIKSHA.

12. 4000 school student volunteer to be engaged in DIKSHA.

13. Create 40 libraries in Govt./Govt. aided school.

14. 10 Adult Learning Centres are set up.

15. 1000 adults are made literate through Adult Literacy Centres.

16. 50 adults are enrolled for skill development under Adult Literacy.

17. 2500 Asha Kiran Children to be sponsored.

18. 40 schools are converted into Happy Schools.

19. 100 volunteers are registered & trained.

20. 25 PR initiatives to be organised.

21. Fund of Rs.200,000 to be raised for T E A C H program.

22. Encourage clubs to sponsor at least one Rotary Community Corps to enhance community engagement and ensure project sustainability.

23. Encourage clubs to have at least one of its members belong to a Board-recognized Rotarian Action Group (www.rotary.org/actiongroups).

24. Encourage clubs to get 75 percent of their club members involved in hands-on humanitarian service project participation.

25. Encourage clubs to establish partnerships with one or more corporate or government entities and conduct a project together.

26. Encourage clubs to undertake service projects related to Rotary's six areas of focus:

27. Peace and conict prevention/ resolution

28. Disease prevention and treatment

29. Water and sanitation

30. Maternal and child health

31. Basic education and literacy

32. Economic and community development

33. Create awareness on environmental protection by encouraging clubs to undertake tree plantation, solid waste management, power savings using LED and solar power projects etc.

34. Create awareness about the importance of blood donation and encourage every club in the district to hold at least three blood camps with a minimum total

collection of 500 units of blood with a minimum total collection target of 50,000 units of blood in the district.

35. Support The Cancer Foundation by promoting it in the District by encouraging Rotarians to become its members and adopting cancer patients.

36. Motivate clubs to organise Thalassemia awareness campaigns.

37. Motivate clubs to launch tuberculosis awareness campaigns.

38. Encourage clubs to dedicate at least one club meeting towards creating awareness about road safety and trafc rules.

39. Adopt the Gift of Life Initiative as a district project and encourage clubs to support it.

40. Promote the district initiatives of "Body & Organ Donation".

41. Promote "Women Empowerment & Right to Education" initiatives.

42. Promote "The Rain Water Harvesting and Sanitation" initiative.


1. Organize a district seminar on the importance of Rotary's Public Image and encourage zones in the district to hold similar seminars at the zonal level.

2. Encourage clubs to have their major service projects get coverage in the Press and other Social Media.

3. Encourage clubs to undertake at least one public image campaign in the community through a print publication, local cable network, radio, billboards or pamphlets.

4. Encourage clubs to organize a blog or social networking campaign.

5. Update club website, social media, brochure & newsletter using Rotary visual identity guidelines (visit the Brand Center at www.rotary.org/brandcenter).

6. Encouraging clubs to hold a Rotary Day - a celebration, an educational event, a fund raiser etc. that involves community.

7. Encourage every Rotarian to wear the Rotary pin regularly and to affix the Rotary Wheel logo sticker on their vehicles.

8. Encourage every Rotarian to sponsor Rotary ofcial magazine as a gift to professional colleagues, community leaders, opinion makers, friends and relatives.

9. Encourage Rotarians to prex Rtn. and club name in regular e-mail signatures.

10. Encourage clubs to put up a "Need Help" standee with contact details of club ofcers at their regular meeting venue during meetings.